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Treating Lice / Health Department Recommendations

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Oil Treatments:

1. Part hair and apply oil directly to the scalp beginning at the nape of the neck, continuing through sections of the hair.

2. Massage the oil into the entire scalp. Make sure saturate all the hair.

3. Leave oil on for at least 8 hours.

4. Cover the head with a shower cap, towel or bandana while the oil is on. Do not leave the shower cap on the head while sleeping.

5. Remove the oil after the treatment time is complete with shampoo or liquid dishsoap. It may take several washes before oil is completely out.

6. Rinse with vinegar/water ( 1 quart vinegar to 1 quart water) in sauce pan use cup to repeatedly pour over head x 10-15 minutes. Makes hair follicles soft and nites easier to pull out. When nits lay eggs they lay them with glue like substance. Vinegar water helps with this.

7.Repeat this process every three (3) days for three weeks and continue to comb out the nits twice a day for three weeks.

Why use oil treatment?

1. Oil smthers and kills active lice.
2. Oil makes it easier to remove the nits.
3. Nits mature every three days.
4.Every lice can lay 7 (seven) eggs per day.

Getting the Nits out

Getting the nits (eggs) out if your defense in this battle against head lice. Nothing kills the nits 100% so they must be taken out. All of the nits must be out before your child returns to school. To remove nits, begin by parting the hair.

1. Take a very small section of hair and check if fot nits and lice.

2.Remove what you find by pulling the nit down the hair shaft with your fingers or metal comb.

3. When all nits are removed from that section, clip it back out of the way.

4. Pick up another section and remove the nits.

5. Continue doing this until you have gone through all of the hair.

This takes time but you can do it. All your effort will be worth it. Check your childs head twice daily for 3 weeks. Remove any lice or nits that you find. Make it a habt to check your child twice a week. be sure to look carefully behind the ears and at the nape of the neck. Your childs school will also be rechecking your child 8-10 days after they return to class.

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